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15 Tips on Kyle Leon’s Fitness Workout For Women`s Fat Loss

A proper combination of both intensive as well moderate workouts brings out the inner beauty of a woman. Along with appropriate workouts, it is advisable to have low fat and high protein food for withstanding intensive workouts. More »

10 Moves for Flat Abs

Even before starting to work out to lose belly fat, it’s important you know what causes it. Studies carried out have shown that the main causes of abdominal fat are; overeating, stress and genetics. More »

6 Super Foods Mantra To Lose Your Extra Kilos

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5 Workout Secrets For Speedy Fat Loss

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Don’t Confuse Weight Loss With Fat Loss


Strange that there is actually a difference? Yes and many people are oblivious to the fact that losing weight is far different from losing body fat. When talking of body management, you should be focusing on shedding the extra fats. Nevertheless, many people confuse weight loss which is unhealthy with fat loss which is what they should be working on.


Weight Loss

For your body to function properly, it requires muscle mass, bone, fat and water. Nevertheless, some of the weight loss courses available online tend to deprive the body of some of the most important nutrients to the growth of their muscles. Consequently, the muscles wither which leads to weight loss. Since muscles are heavier than fats, most people will be convinced that they have shed fats when they go to the scale. This is very unhealthy and may affect your overall health.

In a study done in Denmark in 2002, most people lose more muscle than fat in various weight loss programs. In fact, nearly half of the weight lost in men who dieted was lean muscle. According to the same study, only about 24% of the weight that was regained after the dieting was lean muscle. This means that when you regain weight after dieting, you only add more fats.

The report which was published on the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that women even suffered more in their efforts to regain weight. Women lost about 35% of lean tissue after the diet. After regaining weight, the fats percentage was 85%.

Fat Loss

On the other hand, a good fat loss program will ensure that you only lose fats. Muscles are not only good looking but also play a vital role in the functioning of the body. When looking for a great fat loss program, ensure that you look for one that focuses on shedding fats and not muscle tissues.

Fat loss is basically measured in centimeters and you can use a tape measure to check your progress. Basically, you put the tape measure around the area where you would like to check e.g. belly, arms etc. A good program will always incorporate a good diet and an exercise routine. Make sure you find one that fits your schedule.

Many people today are looking for fat loss programs and not weight loss programs. So if you are looking forward to a ripped body (for the men) or toned body (for the ladies), look for an effective fat loss program instead of a weigh loss one.

The Normal Body Fat Percentage Explained

Most people only check their body weight and forget to check their body fat percentage. Although checking your weight is good, checking your body fat percentage is also imperative. There are a couple of ways to go about this. The most common and easy way to have an idea of your body’s fat percentage is by using the BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI doesn’t exactly show you the percentage but relates your body fat with lean muscles. Though it doesn’t give you the exact percentage, it gives you an idea. It can be done easily at home. All you need to do is divide your weight by your height squared. Using the results, find your place below.

18.5 and below – Underweight

18.5-25                -Normal

25-30                   – Overweight

30 and Above    – Obese

How to calculate Body fat percentage

One of the most used methods of calculating body fat percentage is the calipers method. This is a device used by dietitians and doctors that looks like a clamp. They ‘clamp’ your skin fold and then take the measurements on the desired part of the body. Other methods include Underwater weighing, Bioelectrical Impedance and Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry.

How to determine a healthy body fat percentage



There are many factors that influence the body fat percentage, they include, body type, gender and age among others. Nevertheless, you can use this basic guideline below.

Age Men Women
20-39 8%-19% 21%-32%
40-59 11%-21% 23%-33%
60-79 13%-24% 24%-35%


Getting rid of excess body fat

Body fat accumulates as an attempt of the body to store excess carbohydrates for future use. In this regard, people with excess body fat need to reduce their calorie intake in order to shed it. If you are able to take in calories that your body can burn comfortably, you don’t have to worry about any excess body fat.

There are many products and programs designed for fat loss and you can work with one as well. The main idea here is to work on toning your body while you shed the excess fats. A good program or product will focus mainly on fat loss and not weight loss. A combination of good nutrition and exercising is supposed to work this out. Remember, if you lose a lot of weight in a short time, this might be dangerous as you may be losing lean tissue and body fluids in the process.

Maintain a Tight and Healthy Skin During The Fat Loss Process

Any weight loss or fat loss regime comes with an unwanted flabby skin especially when done in a rush. What’s even worse is that most people only concentrate on the fat they are burning not minding the outcome of their skin. Although you can’t stop the changes that happen to the skin after fat loss, you can try to tame the problem at an early stage. A good fat loss program will focus on nutrition and exercise for the best results. In this regard, there are some exercises and nutrients that can ensure your skin remains tight and healthy through the fat loss process. Basically, water, nutritious foods and great exercises will contribute to a healthy skin. Here are some tips to consider also.



Shed the fat slowly

Rushing your weight loss program is one of the major reasons as to why people end up with flabby skins. As you lose fats, the skin has to be able to adjust accordingly but when you do it very fast, it’s unable to keep up. Being the biggest organ in your body, it contains numerous cells, blood vessels and tissues that need to adjust with the fat loss as well. The standard set by the American College of Sports and medicine is losing a maximum of 2 pounds per week.

Eat the right foods

Your skin needs vitamin A to stay elastic. Make sure you eat foods that rich in the vitamin such as Liver, whole milk and leafy vegetables. Fruits and vegetables have a wealth of vitamins and minerals; include them in your diet. Also consider taking lots of protein rich foods. This discourages muscle loss which consequently leads to a loose skin. Once the body realizes it doesn’t have enough protein, it may take it from its own muscles which leads to a loose skin. Do not avoid carbohydrates and unsaturated fats. Eating frequently will increase the supply of nutrients in the body. Eat sweet potatoes; they are known to help in tightening the skin.

Drink lots of water

The skin needs water for its elasticity. Furthermore, a lot of water is lost during exercises and may need replacement. It’s a well known fact that in any case of a water loss, a flabby membrane develops. Taking the recommended 8 glasses a day can be beneficial to your skin and general health as well. If your skin is dehydrated, your fat loss efforts may prove futile.

Weight training

Resistance and strength exercises are required in order to increase muscle growth. You need to do intense work outs that tone your body instead of encouraging skin sagging. Weight lifting three times a week can increase the chances of your muscles tightening the skin as they replace the lost fat. You can consider other activities such as cycling, jogging or swimming.

Avoid smoking and drinking

Smoking causes early aging through a biochemical change in the body which in turn affects the elasticity of the skin.

Skin brushing

Dry kin brushing is a natural proven method for nurturing the skin. It encourages blood circulation and promotes skin rejuvenation. It generally improves the skin’s condition. To achieve this, you need a hand brush. Brush the affected area and other parts of the body a couple of times a day.

Use lecithin diet supplements

Lecithin helps in skin cell regeneration and can be easily accessed in food and health stores. It therefore helps in tightening of the skin during a fat loss regime.

Simple Fat Loss Exercises That Anyone Can Do

If you are struggling with losing that extra fat in your body, you have a wide array of techniques and programs that can work for you. Due to the high number of people interested in shedding that extra fat, there is a lot of information in the media today that may some times be misleading. Most specialists will recommend a work out routine, weight loss supplements and special diets. Although most of these methods work, there are some people out there you find it difficult to hit the gym. For these individuals, there is a solution here. Here are some simple exercises that can shed that extra fat.

Exercise #1: Walking



It may sound simple but it really works. Walking doesn’t require any skill and can effectively shed those extra pounds. Most people in the modern world rarely walk. From the affordable cars to elevators in the office and shopping malls, there is little chance for them to walk. Take some time to walk everyday. It’s recommended that you walk at least for one hour every day. Walking also reduces the chances of high blood pressure and heart attacks by keeping the blood pressure at a low.


Exercise #2: Jogging


While walking is mostly recommended for the elderly, jogging is far much better especially for the young people. Jogging doesn’t require any skills or equipment, yet it’s one of the best cardio weight loss exercises. Cardio exercises allow an individual to exercise their entire cardiovascular system leading to better health. To avoid any muscle injuries, ensure that you have the correct gear when jogging.



Exercise #3: Sports


Have you ever seen any sports personality with weight issues? No, this is because sports generally exercise our bodies without necessarily doing any extra work outs.  The best part with sports is that you enjoy the game and exercise at the same time. Try to choose a sport that will work out most of your body parts like tennis or swimming. For starters, you can form groups and spend at least one day playing all sorts of games to achieve your fat loss goals. This also keeps the members motivated.


Exercise #4: Rebounding


Rebounding doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part and this can be the best cardio exercise that doesn’t require any skill. All you need to do to achieve this is visit your local store for a trampoline. With your trampoline, spend a couple of hours bouncing on it and you will have achieved more than anyone doing other exercises without a defined routine. Try any of these simple tricks and you don’t necessarily have to go the gym.

Four Fat Loss Basics That You Should Know

As the media keeps on feeding the public with lots of ‘sometimes’ contradicting information on fat loss, the average obese person still struggles with shedding those extra pounds. First of all, having some extra fat in your body doesn’t mean that you are cursed or have a poor diet choice. Having those extra pounds can be caused by a number of reasons. Genetics may play a role in this as well as lifestyle issues. You shouldn’t be shy just because you have those extra fats. Instead, focus on how to shed them for a toned body. In any case, most people in the modern world will confess to opting for a mac which is readily available during working hours in place of having a healthy meal in a restaurant who overcharge you for that. With that said, let’s look at some basics when it comes to shedding that extra fat.

Amount of food taken:


When it comes to dieting, most people will advise you to take healthy foods and avoid junk. Nevertheless, some people often miss out on an important point about the whole diet thing, that’s the amount of food taken. You can take all the healthy meals that you read on the internet, magazines and other media outlets but still add on some weight.

To overcome this, try as much as possible to eat many small meals in place of few big meals. Never skip a meal, as this only worsens the situation. When you miss one meal, you tend to take more on the next one messing up with your fat loss endeavors.

Drink lots of water:


You may wonder what water has to do with fat loss. Well, lots of water increases your metabolism. Furthermore, water helps the kidney to function properly. When the kidneys are functioning properly, they dispose the majority of waste in your body. As many nutritionists recommend, drink only eight glasses of water regularly. If you find this difficult, try to add some lemon in the water or drink water before and after every meal. Do not substitute water for diluted juice. It should be plain.



People Exercising at a Gymnasium

Exercising is synonymous with fat loss. Nobody escapes this. Nevertheless some people just do it he wrong way. Having an instructor can work wonders for you as everybody has their own fat problems so there is no ‘one size fits all exercise’ routine. Many specialists will recommend short intense work outs. They always work wonders unlike the long ones which have little room for one to focus. You can as well try to make use of the stairs in the office or shopping mall and leave your car behind at times.


Eat those vegetables and fruits:


Your fruits and vegetables are equally important when it comes to shedding those extra pounds. They are known to contain little calories and this makes them perfect for people struggling with weight issues. They also contribute to your general health in a positive way. If taken before the main meals, they generally reduce the intake of the main dishes. As a bonus, try and get enough sleep as it increases your metabolism.


Common Fat Loss Misconceptions That Young People Need To Avoid

In this 1st century of the 3rd Millennium, fat loss is a major issue in any urban setting. With tight deadlines, tough schedules and little agriculture produce, people are turning to ‘unhealthy’ diets to fill their stomachs. Obesity is branded as a lifestyle problem because of these few factors. Many families are opting to eat out instead of preparing a healthy meal at home due to some of these factors. In this regard, there are many people in urban settings looking for fat loss solutions. There are two groups: the obese people and the group that is looking for a toned body. In any case, each group wants to shed some fats. With a lot of information being offered by the media on the subject, some people are taking some misconceptions seriously. Here are some that you need to keep away from.


Skinny is always healthy

Don’t mistake having money or stuff as being the same as being worthy”. This is a quote from the book becoming three that perfectly defines this misconception. This misconception has been fueled by supermodels. Now young girls want to be skinny so they can look like supermodels. Nevertheless, supermodels have their natural bodies and only put in little effort to enhance them. Trying some ideas such as starving yourself may be disastrous. In this process, you care capable of losing muscles and water from your body which isn’t healthy at all. A good fat loss program will ensure only the excess fat in the body is burned and nothing else.

Skipping meals will help shed some fats

This is another misconception because our bodies don’t function in such as way. In fact, it works against your fat loss endeavors. Anytime you skip a meal, you are more likely to eat more in the next one leading to more calorie intake. Moreover, you tend to crave for high fat foods anytime you skip a meal. Instead of skipping meals, try to eat like 5 small meals a day, this will ensure low caloric intake.

You can’t have any of your favorite foods, that don’t fall in the healthy category

This doesn’t have to encourage you to walk around with chocolate bars in your handbag. Nevertheless, you can have some once in a while. The logic behind this is that when you know you can eat a bar of chocolate at the end of the week, you are more likely to stay focused on healthy meals. Sticking to healthy foods at once isn’t really easy, especially when you are going to give up your sweet fried chicken for vegetables.

Fat loss products labeled ‘Natural’ are 100% safe

Fat loss product manufacturers are into business and therefore leave it at that. There are good products, but you need to check with the authorities for confirmation. Some aren’t fit for human consumption.


Three Major Fat Loss Myths That Are Misleading

Myth #1: Avoid red meat because it is fattening and increases heart disease

red-meatRed meat has been labeled fattening and yet, there is no evidence to prove that saturated fats are harmful. As long as red meat is combined with what experts in the nutrition circles term ‘good’ fats, it is harmless. Red meat contains monounsaturated fat which enhances good health.

On top of this, it is also rich in protein, vitamins and minerals such as zinc, vitamin B12, selenium and iron. To keep red meat in your diet, consider keeping it lean and buy organic, top quality meat when possible. Use your palm to measure the appropriate portion and cut back on bread, starchy potatoes, rolls and fries since such foods contribute towards increment of the waistline.


Myth # 2: Skipping Breakfast slows down your Fat loss

breakfastEveryone knows that experts urge people to have a heavy breakfast. They argue on the basis that it helps crank up metabolism rate and aids in burning stored fat so it can be converted into energy. However, this is not always the case. Studies indicate exercising without eating anything early in the morning encourages burning of fat up to 8 hours afterwards. You can have a snack high in protein or a meal mid morning when you get hungry.

This helps by feeding the furnace for effective burning of fat. It is advisable to settle for scrambled eggs, ham omelet, lentil soup, cottage cheese, lean bacon or fresh fruit to spike up your energy levels.


Myth # 3: Eating Less Helps Burn more Fat

diet pressureThis myth purports that since muscle is active metabolically, the amount of fat burnt is dependent on your muscles. It further purports that the body continues to burn fat even when it is at rest. While it is true that cutting down on calories results to fat loss, the loss will not be sustainable.

This is because muscles that are not fed properly and regularly tend to lose strength and this slows down the metabolic rate which causes the body to hit a plateau. In the worst case scenario, you regain all the weight lost. To avoid this, it is essential to keep the muscles working and well fed.

Incorporate anaerobic and aerobic exercises into your routine. Eat little but often and strike a balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

10 Moves for Flat Abs

Even before starting to work out to lose belly fat, it’s important you know what causes it. Studies carried out have shown that the main causes of abdominal fat are; overeating, stress and genetics. When you are stressed you will tend to crave for foods that are sweet as well as high in calories. This will in turn be stored as fat in your belly. The same applies when you overeat. Additionally, if your parents are obese, there are higher chances that will suffer the same fate. Whichever the cause of these fats in your belly is, you really need to engage in stomach exercises that will enable you achieve a flat belly. A flat stomach will not only make you look great but it will also boost your health by reducing your risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and cancer.


In this article, we are going to look at 10 moves that can enable you to have a flat belly.

Bird Dog

With this exercise you have to kneel on all fours and then raise your left arm. As you raise left arm, you should be extending your right leg for optimal results. Hold on to this position for a few seconds and then repeat with your right arm and left leg for about 10 minutes.

Leg Drop

When you are doing this workout, you need to get a flat surface you can lie on. Lie flat while at the same time you raise both legs up. Put hands by your side and lower the legs until they are approximately 6 inches from the ground. Hold for a few seconds and then raise the legs to the starting position. Repeat this movement for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Boat Pose

At this move you have to sit on the floor and then recline slightly. While at it, lift your thighs to form a 45° angle to the floor. Hold your arms out straight and stay in this position for some seconds.

Torso Twist

This is one of the most effective moves in your bid to get a flat abdomen. Sit on the floor crossing your legs in yoga position and gradually rotate your torso to the right. Take a few seconds and return to the center and then rotate to the left.

Ab Wheel

Rolling back and forth with ab wheel creates an amazing tension in your belly muscles. This device was invented in the 90’s but still works perfectly in the contemporary world. Spare at least 5 minutes a day to do this exercise and you will eventually get a toned and flat ab.

Vertical Leg Crunch

This is one of the best exercises to work out the rectus abdominal. It’s also the easiest way to lose belly fat.

Hip Lift

Here, you need to lie flat on the ground and then lift both legs to the ceiling. While at this position, put your hands under the hips and tighten your core. Slowly lift your hips straight off the floor and repeat the exercise for superb results.

Vacuum Pose

Vacuum pose is an isometric workout that creates a different tension in your abdominal muscles. It’s a perfect exercise to flatten and tone down your stomach area. To start off, suck in the lower abs and hold the tension of the sucking in for at least 10 seconds.

The Bicycle Crunch

This is one of the best abs moves that target both rectus abdominal as well as the oblique. With this workout, you move your body like you riding a bicycle. Exercise for around 15 to 20 minutes at least 3 times a week.

Plank Exercise

This move not only reduces belly fat but also helps in shaking weight off from other body areas. Get your body in a straight line and the put the toes and forearms on the floor. Put the torso fixed without bending the knees. Hold for about 10 seconds and then repeat.

Performing these exercises regularly you will definitely find your abs falter and stronger that earlier.



15 Tips on Kyle Leon’s Fitness Workout For Women`s Fat Loss

kyle-leon-fitness-trainerkyle-leon-fitness-trainerkyle-leon-fitness-trainerA proper combination of both intensive as well moderate workouts brings out the inner beauty of a woman. Along with appropriate workouts, it is advisable to have low fat and high protein food for withstanding intensive workouts. 15 best workout tips for woman fat loss by kyle leon are mentioned below:

1) Warm Up: Begin workout with warming up yourself. Women can choose jogging or cycling for 15-20minutes in order to warm up themselves. The major advantage of warm-up is that the carried workouts have a greater impact upon the body.

2) Training Calves, Forearms and Abs Together: As soon as you finish squatting, begin with benching and leg pressing yourself for complete exhaustion. Working out on all body parts together ensures that all of them are being attacked with utmost intensity.

3) Doing Abs at Home: The best thing about abs is that they can be trained anytime and anywhere.  Practicing oblique crunches and cycling in-between reverse crunches helps one burn fat without making much effort.

4) Walking Fast on Treadmill: Walking fast over treadmill increases the circulation of blood and metabolism rate. It helps in intensive perspiration and burning of fat.

5)  Go For New Trainings Each Day: Human body gets used to those workouts which are carried on routine basis. Body reacts changing. Thus each day must begin with a new set of exercises and muscle trainings.

6) Gradually Increase The Level of Exercise or Body-Weight Interval Training: You must try to change level of exercises carried each. Try to increase the duration of the excise carried on routine basis.

7) Enhancing Weight Lifting: If a woman is into building muscle and weight loss then gradual enhancing the lifted weight can help one to gain progress. Increasing weight but decreasing reps is also a good idea and a safe way to fortify one self.

8) Cross Training With Kettleball Swing: Kettle ball swings serves as a great option to fastening down weight loss for any gender. Kettle balls are simplest to do and increases the stamina of a person.

9) Drop Sets: Drop sets also serve as a great idea for both weight loss and muscle building. Finishing off workouts with drop sets is sure the shed fats from your muscles at a greater speed.

10) Hit Intensity Interval Training: HIIT is a powerful cardio exercise for woman fat loss. HIIT simply means low cardio interval training such as treadmill exercises, walking and jogging. By practicing HIIT a woman will certainly end up sweating incredibly.

11) Weight Training: Weight training is one of the best exercises to lose weight. Weight training exercises can be well practiced by those women who are not into body building. Weight training burns excessive sugar within body. Weight trainings must be carried out at least 3-5 times per week.

12) Jumping Jacks: Jumping jacks are beyond being easy. In fact they are easiest. Jumping jacks simply requires you to jump in order to burn fat.

13) Stair Walks: If you are not willing to do anything intensive, then stair walk is the best thing that can be opted by one. Stair walking for at least 20 minutes can sheds incredible amount of fat from your bellies, thighs, and hips. Regular 20 minutes of stair walking can eliminate the requirement for any sort of gym or machine based workout.

14) Bicep Curls: Try to bicep curls at home. Bicep curls can be carried by simply rotating your arm clockwise and then anti-clockwise. It shall shed excess fat from your upper arms and shoulders.

15) Sit-Ups: Repeatedly sitting and standing puts immense pressure upon hip and thigh muscles. Regular sit-ups can reduce weight within a reasonable span of time.


6 Super Foods Mantra To Lose Your Extra Kilos

Eat more and weigh less- This is the latest slim down mantra. Choose the right foods for you that will help you in dropping out extra kilos. There are certain foods that can help you in losing weight faster; they perform some actions at your body shifting it into fat releasing mode. These foods make you feel full for longer time and also help curb carvings. Here is a list for top most foods that can help you in this so that you keep them in mind next time you go the market:



1-Apple:   It is the most common food that can keep you fit and provides you several health benefits. The antioxidants present in apples can prevent metabolic syndrome that is condition of excess belly fat. As well as an apple is the best low calorie snack that you can have anytime.



Minuette Green Beans

2-Beans:  Beans are full of protein, cheap, versatile and make you feel full for a long time. You do not feel hungry after eating beans that will stop you from eating more. It provides high fiber to your body. It is a great help to firm up your muscles and keep you toned.




3-Yogurt:  It is considered as a perfect food by dieticians as it contains good volume of carbs, proteins and fats and thus you do not feel hungry for a long period of time. Yogurt is a rich source of vitamins that keeps your nervous system work properly. It also contains good for you bacteria that help is regulating digestion and strengthens your immune system.



eating-superfoods veggies

4-Green Veggies:  Green vegetables are boon for those who are fed up of stubborn belly fat. You can add a portion of green vegetables at your meal every time. Some green veggies have very low calories and a have plenty of fiber in them. Moreover they are full of vitamins and minerals that can help in the problem of water retention.





5-Tomatoes:  Tomato is a delicious food that is filled with antioxidants that is definitely going to help you in losing excess wait. It is among top most fat fighting foods. They also help in reducing body inflammation and water retention. It contains leptin which help in regulating the metabolic rate of the body helping in shredding those extra kilos.





6-Melon:  Full of water a watery fruit. It is a rich source of potassium and a very low calorie fruit. Melon is a high-antioxidant food that can help in removal of excess fluid out of your body. It strongly supports your immune system and keeps your skin shiny and glows.



So try to keep these foods at the top of your list when you make your diet plan. These are really going to help in shredding your weight fast. Apart from these drink as much water as you can it will help in keeping the harmful toxins out of your body. So keep yourself hydrated and help yourself in losing your weight.